Friday, May 22, 2020

Maryland Restaurant Provides "Bumper Tables"

                You’ve heard of bumper pool and bumper cars, but how about “bumper tables?” Fish Tales Bar & Grill, a waterfront restaurant in Maryland, is another business that has come up with a creative way to keep its customers socially distant. The establishment’s owners, Shawn and Donna Harman, purchased small, wheeled, metal-frame tables that are surrounded by giant inner tubes that make it impossible for diners and drinkers to get too close to each other. The wheels allow users to walk around the bar and restaurant’s parking lot and outdoor seating area while having a bite or sipping a drink.
                The Harmans say that the tables are “a novelty” and a “great photo opportunity” for their customers, adding that if two of the tables are put together, “you can’t get within six feet of each other—and it’s fun.”
                The tube tables might be a bit unwieldy in the bathroom, but, if you should fall into the ocean, you’re good to go.


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