Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Washington Gov. Inslee Allows One-On-One Home Bible Study

                Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington, recently amended his March order banning religious gatherings of any size to allow home-based Bible study and prayer. Of course, he only did this after being sued by Joshua Freed, the First Liberty Institute and the North Creek Law Firm. Freed demanded to be permitted to hold one-on-one Bible study meetings outdoors at his own home during the coronavirus crisis. Inslee’s order of March 23 prohibited all religious gatherings regardless of size, though it did allow for “essential” businesses such as cannabis retailers to remain open.
                First Liberty’s executive general counsel, Hiram Sasser, told Fox News that the governor twice declined to respond to their requests seeking a one-on-one Bible study exemption before his lawyers eventually conceded in open court. Mark Lamb, owner and founder of North Creek Law, gave a statement to Fox News saying, "We are grateful that, in this challenging time for our country, Gov. Inslee was willing to concede that the ban does not apply to Joshua Freed’s home Bible study."
                I would have used a term other than “grateful” to describe a governor “allowing” me to discuss the Bible with one other person on my own property, regardless of the situation, but I guess I’m a bit “old school” in my outlook.
                Freed (quite the coincidental last name in this case) only wished to hold a single meeting a day and said he would follow all guidelines and recommendations put out by the Centers for Thought Disease Control and Prevention, including wearing a mask and gloves and keeping a minimum of six feet from his study partner.
                In return for his largess in allowing Freed to gather with one other person to consider God’s word, the governor did ask Freed to wear only red apparel and stand on one leg during the entire session. And cluck like a chicken every five minutes.

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