Thursday, September 12, 2019

Sorority Sanctioned For Study Requirement

                The University of Virginia suspended a sorority last year because of its “hazing” abuses. That seems odd, as it’s usually fraternities and men’s athletics teams that have gotten into trouble for going too far in the long-time ritual of tormenting new members and freshman. So, what heinous hi-jinx did the (Latina) sorority dream up and perpetrate on its sisters? (Caution: squeamish readers might want to skip over the following sentence). It required them to study for a minimum of 25 hours a week.
                Yes, Sigma Lambda Upsilon was called on the proverbial carpet for “recklessly and intentionally endangering the health or safety” of its members. This raises the question: WTF?!? What’s next, will sororities start demanding that members attend their classes—or even receive passing grades? How will the sisters get enough sleep, let alone have enough free time to fight the social justice wars? Have they forgotten what college is all about?
                According to Charlottesville’s The Daily Progress newspaper, one of the sorority’s recruits complained to a professor about the requirement, and the professor subsequently informed the school’s student affairs office and the local police. (I was blissfully unaware that the men and women in blue were responsible for monitoring collegiate study guidelines). Incredibly, campus officials determined the sorority’s studying requirement violated the school’s hazing rules. The sorority is suing the school, thank the Lord. The suit notes that other classes and even athletic programs at the university expect at least 25 hours of study per week, and that the school never provided notice to any fraternal organization that there was a “general prohibition against studying 25 hours per week.” It adds that the sorority has been “discriminated against” because it was sanctioned “for no actual misconduct whatsoever.”
                The university recently tried to have the lawsuit dismissed by claiming “sovereign immunity.” In other words, “We are above the law. Whatever we say or do is inviolable.”
                The Latina sorority is to be commended. The University of Virginia’s actions are just another example of the collapse of higher education in the United States. Colleges no longer understand their mission and have abandoned standards in favor of virtue-signaling and group think. Treating the requirement for students to study hard on par with stripping them nude, shoving a corn cob up their butt and epoxying them to a garbage dumpster outside Che Guevara Hall on a frigid January evening is counterproductive and clinically insane.

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