Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Writer Says "Normal" People Should No Longer Wear Red Hats

                Rebecca Makkai is an American novelist and short-story writer who lives outside of Chicago. Her writing has been translated into seven languages, celebrated in O Magazine and anthologized in The Best American Short Stories. Her first novel, The Borrower, was released in 2011 and was a Booklist Top Ten Debut, an Indie Next pick and one of Chicago Magazine’s selections for best fiction of 2011.
                Yet this accomplished author tweeted that she’d “still never seen a MAGA hat in real life” despite “traveling a whole hell of a lot over the past couple of years.” She added: “This strikes me as super weird, but then I remember that there are Americans out there who think they don’t know a gay person and have definitely never met a Muslim. What even is this country.” Say what?
                A fellow social media justice warrior replied that, while in Des Moines, he saw a man “in a baseball-style jersey that said TRUMP 45 on the back.” He noted that there was an American flag on each sleeve and characterized the garment as “very tacky.” Makkai responded, “Ewwwwww.”
                Makkai went on to ask, “Is anyone else made really uncomfortable these days by anyone wearing any kind of red baseball cap?” She further remarked, in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-like fashion, “Like, I see one and my heart does weird shit and then I finally realize it only says Titleist or whatever.” She went on to suggest, “Maybe don’t wear red caps anymore, normal people?”
                The hypocrisy of those on the left is unbounded even by the edges of the universe. They routinely decry the term “normal” and shout “let your freak flag fly,” while applauding the acknowledgment of 63 genders and countless sexual perversions, yet seriously state that “normal” people shouldn’t wear red caps??!! Is it okay for “normal” people to wear any hats anymore, Rebecca? What about the St. Louis Cardinals major league baseball team? Should they be forced to abandon the red baseball caps they’ve worn for many decades……that they might avoid offending you? Does the depiction of “red states” on electronic screens bother you, as well? Does the term “redneck” make you see red? Should we expunge from history the names “Red Skelton” and “Redd Foxx?”
                And what of “MAGA?” Would this acronym be any less offensive to Makkai and her ilk if it were on a blue hat? Probably not. Perhaps she would be more comfortable if the letters “m,” “a,” and “g?” were excommunicated from the English language, rendering her own name “Rebecc Kki?”

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