Saturday, September 7, 2019

Regularly Sporadic Current Events Quiz...#6

Regularly Sporadic Current Events Quiz….#6

Can you answer all the questions correctly?

1)      President Trump thought Hurricane Dorian would hit what state?
a-       California
b-      Alabama
c-       West Virginia
d-      Nebraska
2)      CNN thought Alabama was what state?
a-       Alabama
b-      Nebraska
c-       Mississippi
d-      North Dakota
3)      Bernie Sanders wants to eliminate what to lessen climate change?
a-       Red Meat
b-      Fossil Fuels
c-       The Sun
d-      Humans
4)      Elizabeth Warren wants to eliminate what to lessen climate change?
a-       Nuclear Power
b-      Hundreds of Thousands of Good-Paying Jobs
c-       Bernie Sanders
d-      All of The Above
5)      Andrew Yang’s plan to retard global warming involves which of the following?
a-       Giant Fans and Blocks of Ice
b-      Large-Scale Cloud-Seeding and Copious Amounts of Kool-Aid
c-       Massive Mirrors Placed in Earth’s Atmosphere to Reflect Sunlight
d-      Attempting to Blast the Planet into An Orbit Further from The Sun
6)      Joe Biden’s plan to retard Elizabeth Warren involves which of the following?
a-       Referring to her as “the candidate formerly known as ‘Pocahontas’”
b-      Embellishing stories and making himself the hero
c-       Forgetting her name, title and state she represents
d-      Staring her in the eyes during the next debate and exclaiming, “Bitch can’t dance!”
7)      Russia recently tried to downplay what tragic event?
a-       An explosion of a nuclear rocket engine
b-      An explosion of a nuclear submarine
c-       Vladimir Putin exploding
d-      A sudden spike in the price of vodka
8)      What caused a million people in Hong Kong to take to the streets in protest?
a-       An amendment that would allow the extradition of fugitive offenders to China
b-      The impending imposition of a Chinese-style social credit score system
c-       They are sick and tired of being called the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (HK SAR, PRC) and want to once again be called…Hong Kong
d-      Alcohol
9)      Macron & Merkel are which of the following?
a-       A European law firm
b-      An obscure comedy duo
c-       Leading Europe into oblivion by their open borders, one-world policies
d-      All of the above
10)   Justin Trudeau is…?
a-       An empty suit
b-      Prime minister of Canada
c-       Plagued by a corruption scandal involving his former attorney general
d-      All of the above
11)   Joe Biden recently referred to President Trump as…?
a-       Donald Rump
b-      Donald Hump
c-       President Obama
d-      That guy from New York with the funny hair
12)   President Trump recently wanted to purchase which of the following?
a-       Mexico
b-      China
c-       Greenland
d-      The Swedish Bikini Team

Thanks for taking the quiz! Here are the correct answers: 1) b, 2) c, 3) d, 4) d, 5) c, 6) b, 7) a, 8) a, 9) c, 10) d, 11) b, 12) c

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