Sunday, September 29, 2019

China Banning Christian Churches From Displaying The Ten Commandments

                China’s increasingly authoritarian Communist regime has ordered many Christian churches to replace the Ten Commandments with quotes from President Xi Jinping, according to an online magazine that reports on religious liberty—or the lack thereof—and human rights in the world’s most populous country. Barnabas Aid, an international Christian assistance agency, has also chronicled the Chicom’s ever more intensive campaign to “Sinicize” Christianity. (Emphasis on “Sin”).
                The United States has already prohibited the Ten Commandments—the foundational moral code of Christians everywhere and of the United States itself-- from being displayed in many public and governmental spaces. The way things are trending now, it is literally no stretch to believe that the Ten Commandments will soon be banned throughout the land, to be replaced by quotes from the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Saul Alinsky and Chairman Mao. Here is one version of what I suspect an updated, secular Ten Commandments might look like:

1)      We progressives know best. You shall not listen to anyone with dissenting viewpoints. Man-caused global warming, er, climate change, is settled science. We have spoken.

2)      You shall not make for yourself a parody of us, nor criticize, question or doubt us in any way. Those who deny us will be summarily destroyed, but those who glory in us will receive lots of free things.

3)      As for Trump, “You shall “impeach the motherf*cker!”

4)      Remember not to work on Sunday, the Sabbath day. Also, don’t work on any of the other days. We will pay you a living wage for doing nothing, as long as you vote for us.

5)      Honor your father and your mother. Or your two mommies. Or three sugar daddies. Or two moms, three dads, a transgender, pangender and a goat. It’s all good. Remember, “Love is Love.”

6)      You shall not murder. But abortion is okay.

7)      You shall not commit adultery. Hahaha, just kidding. Let your freak flags fly.

8)      Stealing is okay if a rich person has something you covet. But cultural appropriation is strictly forbidden.

9)      You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor…unless he is a straight, white, Republican male.

10)   You are encouraged to covet your neighbor’s house, wife, male servant, car, cash, ox, donkey, dog, young daughter or son, sexual or gender identity, kink or other perversion.

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