Thursday, September 5, 2019

CNN Hosts Climate Change Town Hall

                CNN recently gave the ten remaining Democratic presidential candidates a seven-hour televised forum for their proposals on how best to deal with climate change. The seven-hour Town Hall marathon was long enough that the climate actually did change during the assembly-- and light turned to darkness, which is precisely what they intend for America.
                The ten Trotskyites’ tactics for slowing global warming would necessitate that the U.S. abolish offshore drilling, fracking, all other forms of oil extraction, and the usage of natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy. Factory farming, the raising and consumption of red meat, plastic straws, combustion engine vehicles, and light bulbs would also be banned. Well, we won’t need combustion engine vehicles or light bulbs, because we won’t have any way to power them. But, nuclear power? That is a safe, carbon-neutral energy source. Hell, the French generate most of their energy via nuclear power.
                All of the Democrat’s schemes to cool the planet were truly preposterous, yet Andrew Yang’s managed to stand out. (Yang may be the yang to Elizabeth Warren’s yin. He is a young male of color, she is an old white woman. A balanced ticket). Yang wants to place a vast array of giant mirrors in the atmosphere to reflect sunlight back into space.

   “Mirror, mirror, in the sky, name me someone crazier than I?”

   Upon reflection, all the Dems’ proposals were nothing but smoke and mirrors, designed to appeal to those who can barely fog one.

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