Saturday, December 9, 2017

Potsdam, Germany Christmas Market Evacuated

            A package lay in the Christmas market in Potsdam, Germany, recently.  
It wasn’t filled with a toy or a gift. It was filled with nails and an “unidentified powder.” It was filled with hatred. Of Christians.
                Police completely evacuated the popular holiday market before destroying the “suspicious” container in what was termed a “controlled explosion.”
                Germany was formally reunited, with more than a little difficulty, on October 3rd, 1990. It stood prosperous and complete once more. Now it is torn by strife again. The rising tide of Muslim immigration is threatening to permanently sever the civil bonds of a once proud nation.
                Idyllic scenes of unhurried- and unworried- people strolling through similar markets, bathed in the warmth of the holiday season, used to be commonplace. Today, however, there is a fear in the back of the minds of those engaged in the same simple acts. Will a truck suddenly swerve off the road? Will an explosion ring out? Will I be harassed by a group of Middle Eastern or North-African men?
                The Germans have a term for a certain, special cordiality and congeniality, a feeling of warmth and closeness: gem├╝tlichkeit. Sadly, today, gem├╝tlichkeit is being shattered by threats of continuing terrorist attacks and diminished by Germans’ fear of being labeled intolerant by politicians, the media, or fellow citizens if they dare to honestly speak out against the clear and present Islamic threat.
                I do not make any appeal whatsoever to the moronic, radical right-wing, skinhead types, but if Germans- and Germany- do not insist on protecting their long and storied culture from Muslim domination, the home of Luther, Bach, Brahms, Beethoven and Einstein will eventually succumb to darkness and silence.

                It will be a very different kind of Stille Nacht, indeed. And one from which there will likely be no escape. 

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