Friday, December 29, 2017

Merriam-Webster To Eliminate Masculine, Feminine References

January 2, 2018
From News Services-     

Merriam-Webster has announced that it will eliminate all references to “masculine” and “feminine” forms of grammar from its iconic dictionaries effective with the 2019 editions.
                A company spokesperson stated that only neutral words, grammatical forms, examples, and references will be used in its print and online editions going forward, “in the interest of inclusivity and non-marginalization.” The spokesperson said that the Basic Manual of Style at the back of the tomes will also be updated, citing as an example the section on properly addressing religious leaders: “Whereas, for instance, past editions stated the correct way to address the Pope was as ‘His Holiness Pope_________,’ the new editions will amend that to list three acceptable options. ‘Holy Pope_______,’ ‘Ze Pope________,’ or ‘They Pope________.’”

                 The spokesperson, who wished to remain anonymous, also said the dictionary will shed its typical blue or red bindings and covers in favor of a “festive parade of pastels, gay and pleasing to the eye, that will soften up the very words they enwrap.” 

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