Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Black And Latino Student Groups Refuse To Share The Same Building

            The University of Florida recently razed two old homes that had housed its Black and Latino student groups, as part of a construction project to modernize facilities. The school planned to house the Institute of Black Culture and the Institute of Hispanic-Latino Culture, or La Casita, in a new U-shaped edifice. The plan called for each of the “Institutes” to have their own separate wing of the building and only share a walkway and an elevator. The blueprint included a designated assembly room in which they could each hold their own activities or host joint activities, and which could be utilized by other student groups, as well.
This did not sit well with the two student groups, who spent much of the summer fervently protesting the proposal via a march through campus, a petition, and numerous community meetings. According to The College Fix, the groups claimed the arrangement would “erase and marginalize their black and brown bodies and their cultures” at the predominately white bastion of higher education. This makes me see red! Erase their black and brown bodies? Do they think they’ll actually be rendered invisible? Or that some privileged white folks will chase after them with giant buckets of Wite-Out® correction fluid? And, might I ask these “marginalized” groups where the campus’ Institute of White Culture is located?
Naturally, the school’s liberal administrators did the most Republican of things, and capitulated… to the whims of the young scholars. Margot Winick, a spokeswoman for the University, explained via an email to The College Fix: “Some students felt strongly that the buildings remain absolutely independent, and so the Core Committee, who was charged with making a recommendation to Multicultural and Diversity Affairs, pushed for two completely separate structures, with no shared assembly space.”
And I thought Millennials- and college students in particular- were all about sharing, tolerance and inclusion. Apparently, those are only praiseworthy traits in other people. For progressives, it’s all about race- and race-baiting. Why can’t we all just identify as Americans? What happened to Martin Luther King’s admonition that it’s not the color of our skin but the content of our character that matters? He would cringe- and weep- at today’s identity politics.
How far are angry, entitled, leftist, campus radicals going to try to take this? Will they demand a separate building to house The Institute of Transgendered, Non-Binary, Socialist Black Students Born on a Thursday in October During a Harvest Moon?
One by one, all of the bonds holding society together are being broken. Black folks over here, brown folks over there. Our history is, demonstrably, being “erased and marginalized.” Let’s tear down statues and protest the National Anthem by taking a knee. Screw decorum, let’s riot in the streets. Let’s mock the nuclear family while promoting “alternative” ones. Let’s claim males and females are the same. And, religious tolerance is not the answer, is it? At least, not when it comes to Christians. So, let’s prohibit the Ten Commandments from appearing in public spaces and prevent folks from saying “Merry Christmas.”

Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Leftists are no longer even willing to share the same house.

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