Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Democrats Using Franken

                Talk about taking one for the team! Democrats are using Senator Al Franken like a Shake ‘n Bake bag. They’re tossing him around in an effort to smear other people in a similar pungent mess. The erstwhile Stuart Smalley, Doofus of the Senate, is being treated like a Weinstein starlet.

    And it is delightful to watch. What goes around comes around, they say.

                The Democrats (and their media sycophants) have been hit with more than their fair share of sexual harassment allegations, and are anxious to find a way to turn things back around on Republicans such as Roy Moore. By openly attempting to jettison Franken, they believe, despite everything, they can claim the moral high ground against any and all Republicans who’ve been subject to allegations of impropriety.
                And you can be certain that Franken will be a tool with which they try to club President Trump.
                If you are familiar with the Senator’s past behavior- or his resignation speech, during which he never apologized but pointed his finger at others- you know he is a tool, indeed.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, said that there was “no political calculation” involved in calling for Franken to step down. (Durbin also averred that he believes Bill and Hillary Clinton “are as honest as the day is long,” cryptically adding that he had “a bridge in Brooklyn” to sell “if you know anyone who might be interested.”). 

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