Friday, December 15, 2017

Communism Versus Capitalism: The Koreas

                Given the facts that 73% of millennials voted for socialism a little over a year ago, and that the mainstream media, academia and Hollywood are all viscerally aroused by that ideology, a simple call to truth is necessitated. Socialism is simply Communism Lite. It is essentially the same disease. Collectivism doesn’t work. Ever. Human nature precludes this.
                A brief primer: no Communist nation in human history has ever been economically- or socially- successful. Period. And this may be an understatement when one considers the fact that Communism has exterminated roughly 100 million people.
                Yet, the heinously moronic still wear Che Guevara tee-shirts and speak well of Castro’s Cuba.
                Those that can’t be troubled with learning history or understanding a supply and demand curve need only look to North and South Korea for a real-time example of the difference between Communism/Collectivism and free market Capitalism.
                The average North Korean has lost nearly 20 pounds in recent years. The Hermit Kingdom reeks of darkness, madness, and want. Its impoverished citizens imbibe or ingest nearly any substance available to alter their reality, even as Kim Jong-Un has banned drinking (alcohol), dancing and singing. A recent defector from the North, who was shot multiple times by his own country’s troops while attempting to escape to the South, was found to have “shocking” and “enormous” quantities of parasites in his body. Such is the state of health and hygiene in a country whose leader cares only about making a nuclear weapon that can hit non-tyrannical Western nations.
                Koreans were, of course, originally one people. Contrast the Commie controlled North of starvation, parasites and silence with the free market Capitalist South of wealth, night clubs, and dancing. South Koreans live, on the average, over a decade longer than their brethren from the north. North Korea’s gross domestic product per capita is around $1,800, while South Korea’s is $32,400, yet North Korea’s military expenditure as a percent of GNP is almost ten times higher than South Korea’s.
                It is an obscenity of the highest order that so many in the West are still enamored of collectivism and big government.
                As the rest of us continue to let the leftist spin doctors in positions of power and influence push us gradually down the path towards Socialism, too late we may notice our privacy being lost, our voices being stilled, our freedom being usurped. And our dignity being destroyed.
                Ironically, we may begin to “see the light” as we approach the Heart of Darkness.
    But by then it just might be too late to keep it from being extinguished…forever.

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