Friday, December 1, 2017

Democrats Using Minorities, Country, For Own Gain

                Evil exists in the world. We should all realize that. However, it is not always lurking where we might expect it.
                Democrats fraudulently convince nearly every minority group that Republicans hate them. This is true of women, Muslims, illegal immigrants in general, Latinos, the LGBTQ community, transgenders, vegans, Prius owners, and many others. Then they do everything in their power to make certain minority populations grow and grow, the faster the better, no questions asked.
                The reasons for- and the results of- this tactic should be too obvious to require elaboration, but I’ll elaborate a bit anyway. This is a simple, effective- and deeply repugnant- way to guarantee your own power in perpetuity. It is, in fact, pure evil, for several reasons:  
                First off, their claim that Republicans don’t like minorities is ridiculous in the extreme, and historically inaccurate. Second, the country is already majority minority. Add up all the women, Muslims, Latinos, vegans, et. al., and that is simply a statement of fact. White, Christian, straight males are, however, clearly a minority. And they are under fire as never before. Third, progressive policy prescriptions not only adversely affect these white males, but eventually make things worse for everyone. Socialism doesn’t work. Letting law-breakers into your country as a matter of policy is idiotic. It redounds to the detriment of everyone, except perhaps the lawbreaker. Not vetting potential terrorists before allowing them across our borders repeatedly gets those of all groups killed, as we just recently witnessed- for the umpteenth time- in New York City. Fourth, needlessly dividing people and sowing hatred, envy and feelings of entitlement is deeply un-American and does real and lasting damage to the nation. And, finally, that these Democratic/lefty politicians know all of these things and still utilize this tactic to gain or retain power is vile beyond description. Truly evil.

                Those of a leftist bent reading this are unwilling to logically debate this point with me, because they are unable to. It is much easier, and sadly more effective for them, to simply shout “racist” or “bigot” at people who hold conservative views and be on their merry way…to the next establishment cocktail party or Antifa demonstration, as the case may be. 

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