Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Whoa, Canada

                The Canadian government plans to spend upwards of $650 million on sexual and reproductive health worldwide, much of it aimed at promoting abortions in developing countries, the International Development Ministry has confirmed. This is in stark contrast to the policy of the previous Conservative government, yet comes as no surprise as Canada announced several months ago that it was giving an $85 million grant to the United Nations Population Fund. Matthew Woiciechewski, Campaign Life Coalition’s representative at the U.N., told that the UNPF “is a big advocate for depopulating the world through birth control and abortion.” He added, “But it won’t help the people in need. Every dollar spent on this is a dollar taken away from providing them the real necessities of life such as infrastructure and clean water.”
                Louis Belanger, communications director for International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, confirmed the new policy via email with the Toronto Sun newspaper, according to the site, stating “Canada is committed to universal access to sexual and reproductive health services and rights.”
                Abortion is illegal or severely restricted in well over half the nations on the planet, many of them located in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Latin America. But Canada’s new three-year plan, recently announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, almost certainly means that the country will be paying advocacy groups to fight anti-abortion laws in numerous countries around the world.
                That’s a policy that would be cheered by Garry Trudeau, but not one on which the majority of Canadians (or Americans) want to hang their hat toque. Canada is bravely putting its money where other people’s mouths- and appendages- have been, in a bizarre attempt to restrain the growth of third world nations.
                Given Canada’s current immigration policies, “The Great White North” is a moniker not just politically incorrect, but also eventually to be factually in error. “Nanny state” is a term normally used to refer to the practice of big government in one’s own country, a government sticking its nose into its citizen’s lives, bedrooms, and any other area or orifice it can possibly penetrate. Trudeau’s Canada, however, is on the verge of a truly remarkable achievement: it desires to nanny-state other nations citizens.
                “Canada: Flawlessly carrying out the most basic of government functions…taking money from our own citizens to prevent foreigners from being born!”
                Pass the Molson.

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