Thursday, October 19, 2017

Calling 911

                One recent day, so many people called 911 when they couldn’t get Facebook to work that police in at least one town, Bothell, Washington, sent out messages pleading with folks to stop calling the emergency number in hopes of quickly getting the social network “fixed.” Both Facebook and Instagram experienced outages in various parts of the United States on that same day.
                This is absurd- and sadly illustrative of the state of modern man. Many people have watched homicides, suicides, and rapes live-streamed across social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook while, apparently, calmly and contentedly munching popcorn and deciding whether to “like” it or not. Yet, on the rare occasions when those sites go down, they might be panicked into calling for emergency help. This is surpassingly bizarre- and tragic.
                In the United States, our First Amendment rights are under attack, our Second Amendment rights are under attack, and the West in general is under simultaneous attack by Islamic extremists on one hand and secular radicals on the other. North Korea could potentially fling devastating nuclear weapons in any number of directions, killing millions. Humanity is willingly putting its future in the “hands” of artificial intelligence.
               And when are we well and truly panicked? When we are separated from our smart phone.
   If we can’t watch “our shows” when we want to, if our internet access is down and we can’t get porn or social media on demand, if a couple of players on our fantasy football teams get injured, that is when we now reach for the phone to call 911.
 Observing the fallen condition of mankind today…looking at the big picture…makes me want to call 911.

 I only wish our society could be “fixed” that easily. 

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