Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Marquette University Hosts "Diversity And Inclusion" Luncheon: Whites, Females Not Welcome

                Marquette University, a (supposedly) Catholic, Jesuit “institution of higher learning,” recently hosted a racially-tailored lunch for Black and Latino males. Which, come to think of it, also makes it a sexually-tailored repast. This event, held on campus, was dubbed a “Black Male Appreciation Luncheon,” and was meant to highlight social injustices that Black and Latino males experience.  
                Ironically, the feast was part of a series of proceedings titled, “Diversity and Inclusion Programming and Events” that were “designed to promote the richness of diversity and inclusion, highlighting the intersections of multiple social and cultural identities,” according to the school’s events calendar. The affair was sponsored by the “Center for Intercultural Engagement.”
                Note to esteemed educators: limiting this type of event to only Black (and Latino) males, while calling it the Black Male Appreciation Luncheon, necessarily contravenes, contradicts, and undermines your stated mission of promoting “the richness of diversity and inclusion.”
                According to the sponsor’s description on, the luncheon “is an event designed to acknowledge the status of African American male youth by addressing the following questions: ‘Where have we been? & Where are we going?’” Now it’s just Black Male youth? Come on, people, we’re getting less and less inclusive here! Will your next “Diversity and Inclusion Event” only be open to Black trans-gendered Republican youth who were born on a Thursday in December between the hours of 9 a.m. and noon? Or perhaps attendance will be confined to freshman transvestite Thai marching band members who love bowling and Jennifer Lawrence flicks? Way to bring us all together! Imagine the intersections of identities! 
                “Where have we been?” and “Where are we going?” are questions better asked of all of us. African Americans in specific, however, have gone from slavery to The White House.
                The country as a whole was once, unquestionably, the world’s most successful melting pot. Now the same political party that fought- literally and figuratively- against abolition and desegregation is attempting to balkanize and destroy America through identity politics. Colleges and universities are aiding and abetting it in every way possible. Those that dare to hold different views are not welcome on most campuses.

                They call this diversity and inclusion. The death of reason is upon us. 

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