Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Revisionist History: What If?

If British Prime Minister Donald Trump Had Tweeted Out the “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” Speech in World War II:

Tweet 1- …Our Great, Great British Empire, and our French friends, together will defend- to the death- our lands. Even though large, large tracts- I’m talking huuge tracts-

Tweet 2- of land have fallen into the grip of the Gestapo and Nazi rule…so sad. But we will not give up…hell, no! We will go on to the end

Tweet 3- we will fight in France (nice country by-the-way, people tell me they have great wine, but I don’t drink, so…), we will not give up!

Tweet 4- As I said, we will go on to the end, we will fight on the oceans, we will fight and get stronger and stronger

Tweet 5- so strong, I’m telling you, you won’t even believe it! Anyway, we will fight on the beaches and even in the streets if we have to

Tweet 6- we won’t ever, ever surrender, not to The Little Would-Be Artist, Corporal Schicklgruber; you know we won’t, you can actually take that to the bank, believe me

Tweet 7- and even if things totally went to hell in a handbasket, which I for one don’t think they will, the U.S., protected by the British fleet, our great, great boats-gotta love ‘em- would carry on the fight

Tweet 8- until, as God is my witness, we will win so big- I am telling you this!- that no one will be able to comprehend it! We will eventually beat these Nazi clowns so badly…so badly…that you can be sure of!!

                (Please access the conclusion of Winston Churchill's actual speech and compare and contrast it to the fictional Trump Tweet- posted here- for maximum enjoyment!)

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