Monday, October 16, 2017

Democrats Getting Wackier And Wackier

            Democrats just keep getting wackier and wackier.
Many of those attending the Democratic National Convention back in 2012 booed the mention of God. Since then, a number of Democratic politicians and supporters have made it clear that, if one wants to run for office as a member of that party, one had better be a 100%, no-questions-asked, bought into it lock-stock-and-barrel proponent of unfettered abortion.
Then, in 2016, they put up an avowed “soft” socialist for the presidential offing, a first in party history.
And now, Tom Steyer, a 60-year-old billionaire investor from California who spent over $91 million in support of Democratic candidates last year alone, has put forth a new demand. In a letter to Democratic congressional offices and the party’s House and Senate campaign committees obtained by the New York Times, the single biggest donor to progressive Democrats and their causes in the last two federal elections demanded that any/all Democratic candidates running in 2018 support impeaching President Trump. This insistence that a major political party make the impeachment of a sitting president, who has been found guilty of nothing whatsoever, a central issue of mid-term elections is unparalleled in the history of American politics. As well it should be.
Steyer, who is an aggressive activist on climate change, is reportedly himself considering a run for the Senate, possibly to challenge Senator Dianne Feinstein. Whether he does or not, when your biggest donor makes a specific demand, you tend to listen. Would Steyer call for “penalties” to be imposed on climate-change “deniers?”
Just a few short years ago, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama averred that covenantal marriage should, of course, be between one man and one woman. JFK would, unquestionably, be a Republican today. Democrat Harry Truman remains the only world leader ever to have deliberately dropped nuclear bombs on another nation. Has any major political party, anywhere in the world- ever in history- so astonishingly and rapidly changed its core “values” as the Democratic Party in the United States has done in the past few decades?
God bad, war on babies good, capitalism bad, Marxism-Leninism good, unfounded attacks on the foundations of U.S. government good. What will be the next sacrosanct plank in the Donkey Party’s platform? The banning of contact sports? The legalizing of necrophilia and incest? The extermination of all white people? The burning of conservatives at the stake? Making rap the official music of the United States of America? Banning the ownership of guns? Cars, knives, baseball bats, candlesticks, and weed-whackers? “MAGA” hats? Codifying the banning of free speech if that free speech offends a “special, protected group?” Recognizing The Church of Satan as The One True Religion?
This is not simply an exercise in hyperbole, folks. This is not purely parody. Good and evil are real constructs. Just not to leftists. The Democrats are moving closer and closer to a platform- and a belief system- that, if adopted, virtually guarantees the imminent destruction of a society based on the rule of law, and precludes the existence of a (formerly) free republic like the United States of America.

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