Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Hypocrisy

                Halloween costumes are now more scrutinized and judged for potential offense than were citizens of the former East Germany living next to Stasi headquarters. The list of get-ups that we are not supposed to wear is longer than the list of politically-approved outfits handed down to us by our Elite Masters. Ethnic apparel is verboten. A sombrero? May actually cause snowflakes to faint. Anything even gently lampooning a member of the LGBTQIA community could get a non-LGBTQIA person thrown in jail, yet they themselves are allowed to flagrantly- and fabulously!- lampoon themselves…whether deliberately or not.
                Yet, a life-sized scarecrow depicting President Donald Trump was placed in a Halloween display at Santa Clarita Elementary School in California. One of the student’s parents noted that the Trump scarecrow was made to look scary while the other scarecrows appeared benign.
                And, a Halloween display at West Parish Elementary School in Gloucester, Massachusetts featured a bean-bag toss game with several fake tombstones in the immediate vicinity. The only one of them with a specific person’s name on it was the one that read “Donald Trump.” A sitting U.S. president. Classy.
You can be sure the person or persons in charge of this display utterly “deplore gun violence,” “partisan rancor,” and the “intolerant right.” What a bleeping joke! Except, this is one of the few things that aren’t funny, because, if we buy into their tripe, we will have lost the ability to engage in civil discourse or live in a free society.
Schools around the country are banning Halloween costumes, although Che Guevara shirts are still looked on with favor by many, as are countenances of Fidel Castro, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders. And anybody can openly mock a Christian, of course, whether it be Anita Bryant, a Catholic priest, George W, Bush, or the Lord Himself.  
A Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters mask should truly be unnerving, but they are likely to go unrecognized or even applauded in this dumbed-down age.
Clown outfits are, of course, considered terrifying, and we are all expected to laugh at those ensconced in likenesses of Nixon, “W,” or Reagan.
Halloween or no, what’s now happening in the United States is truly scary.

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