Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood Mogul

                Donald Trump makes an off-the-cuff remark (years ago) about grabbing a gal by her privates…and the media world explodes with grandiloquent outrage. Harvey Weinstein spends decades serially harassing, assaulting, and raping countless actresses…and…cue the crickets chirping. Top Democrats who have been the beneficiaries of Mr. Weinstein’s largess have been largely quiet. The comedians and late-night talk show hosts have loudly proclaimed “There’s nothing to see here” with their reticence.
                But there is something to see here, something ugly and repugnant: these self-righteous arbiters of America’s morals, these holier-than-thou charlatans engaging in flagrantly hypocritical behavior. Night after night they take the stage to preen themselves shamelessly, wallowing in their own perceived superiority. This sight is made more sickening by the knowledge that most of these self-absorbed mental-exhibitionists have little or no understanding of the issues of the day, and couldn’t identify half of the Ten Amendments comprising the Bill of Rights or pick out West Virginia on a map of the United States.
                On and on these clones drone when a Bill O’Reilly or Donald Trump is accused of saying or doing something offensive to women. Night after night they trot out so-called jokes dripping with magisterial enmity and condescension. Night after night they entertain their fellow coastal elites- and lecture the rubes in the hinterlands- gloriously marching in lockstep with their progressive pals.
                Yet, when one of their ilk is proven to be a monster, a serial rapist ala a Bill Clinton or Harvey Weinstein, someone who believes in what they do and/or has given cash to the cause, the only thing we hear from many of them is the Sound of Silence. The ones that do bring it up sugar-coat, couch it in gentle terms, and make sure to bring up Trump and O’Reilly to disperse the charges.
                Harvey’s past exploits apparently include beating up one reporter on a city sidewalk and cornering another while masturbating into a pot plant. In addition to harassing/raping umpteen actresses. Yet no one took any serious action, and many tried to cover all this up.
                In fact, Meryl Streep jokingly called him “God” when collecting a Golden Globe award in 2012. Dame Judi Dench has his name tattooed on her ass. Literally. To a lefty, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you give to “good and worthy causes,” as Ms. Streep termed it recently, and support the correct Democratic candidates. The ends justify the means if- and only if- you believe in the “right” things, such as unchecked immigration and unlimited gender choices.
                The politically correct think that non-leftists can- and should be- endlessly savaged for any alleged misbehavior and pronounced guilty as charged, due process be damned. But, when it comes to one of their own, when they can no longer hide from the issue they try to “put it in context” and plead for compassion. Hence, the humongous hypocrisy.
After all, they say, none of us are perfect, right? Just look at O’Reilly and Trump!

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