Sunday, October 8, 2017

Antifa Proclaims "Deface Columbus Day"

                The New York City-based Antifa group Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) recently called on all Antifa groups nationwide to “decorate” their neighborhoods by launching a coordinated campaign to vandalize or destroy monuments and memorials across the United States on Monday, October 9th…Columbus Day.    
                Five statues of Christopher Columbus have already been vandalized in New York City in recent weeks. In one instance, deranged thugs doused a statue of Columbus in Central Park with red paint and scrawled “Hate will not be tolerated” and “#SomethingsComing” on its pedestal.
                The violent left-wing anarchists that comprise Antifa, and all those that cheer them on, represent a bigger threat to America than any outside force. This is in part because they believe the U.S. has no right to fight back against its enemies, since it itself is somehow responsible for all the world’s problems, but also, and more critically, because it is pushing to tear the country apart from the inside by eliminating everything for which it once stood.
                RAM, for instance, advocates for the violent redistribution of property, as well as for the complete abolition of gender. (Gender can’t be “abolished” without abolishing humans, but Antifa types are not rocket scientists. In any case, their real goal is to abolish standards, and the concepts of objective truth and natural law, thereby making it easier, they believe, to annex other people’s freedoms).
                In a sane world, Antifa would be an a priori mockery of itself. The group’s members are demonstrably acting in a fascist fashion, threatening anyone who disagrees with them. Imagine if abortion opponents formed a group called “Antiab” and went around terrorizing pregnant women and kicking them in their abdomens. Would that make sense?
                None of this is- ultimately- about statues or injustice or anything but eviscerating the history of the U.S. As Mark Steyn wrote, “The object is to unmoor Americans from their entire inheritance- because a citizenry so unmoored is that much more pliable and ripe for anything the social engineers wish to inculcate.”
                Perhaps someday ordinary Americans will conclude that these group’s crazed, unthinking hatred and criminal actions cannot be tolerated, and will form their own nationwide group to defend the nation’s heritage. I have a suggestion for the group’s name and acronym: Fed-Up with Craven Kooks Assailing National Treasures and Icons in Fascist Attacks, or FUCKANTIFA. It’s got a nice ring to it. A certain je ne sais quoi, even.
                So, go ahead punks, decorate your neighborhoods by committing statuary rape, but remember, #TheSecondComingIsComing.    
 Columbus may or may not have discovered America. But, let the record show, Antifa has defamed and defaced her. 

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