Saturday, October 21, 2017

NFL Player Says He's Victim Of Systemic Oppression

            Some ignorance runs so deep it is impossible to fathom.

Such is the case with the San Francisco Forty-Niner’s Eric Reid. The NFL strong safety recently played in a game in Indianapolis, against the Colts. Mike Pence, the Vice-President of the United States and a native of Indiana, was in attendance, but left after numerous 49ers players, including Reid, knelt during the national anthem.
After the game, Reid stated: “This is what systemic oppression looks like. A man with power comes to the game, tweets a couple of things out and leaves the game with an attempt to thwart our efforts. Based on the information I have. That’s the assumption I’ve made.”
Someone is a bit full of himself, isn’t he? Reid accuses a guy of “systemic oppression” because he leaves an effing football game early? This is a vile affront to those who have actually experienced systemic oppression, such as slaves in the Antebellum South, Jews in Nazi Germany, and conservatives in modern day America.
Mr. Reid will make $5,676,000 in 2017 for playing football. Vice-President Pence will make $230,700 this year for attempting to help make America better, more prosperous, and safer…while repeatedly being the victim of slander and verbal assault from illustrious athletes, pundits and entertainers.
Mr. Reid should note that slavery is slavery because slaves…those victims of systemic oppression…don’t get to keep the fruits of their own labor. In other words, they don’t get paid. Mr. Reid will make 24 times what Mr. Pence does this year. Not counting endorsements.
Perhaps it is Vice-President Pence that should don the mantle of “systemically-oppressed victim.” Or is he not allowed to exercise his First Amendment rights?

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