Monday, July 10, 2017

Dunkirk, The Movie

                Christopher Nolan, the director of The Dark Knight, has a new movie coming out. Dunkirk, which recreates the bittersweet evacuation of British and Allied forces from northern France in the spring of 1940, is set to be released July 21st.
                The movie, of course, is based on the actual evacuation of 338,000 troops trapped against the English Channel by the rapidly advancing German army, or Wehrmacht. The evacuation, called a “miracle” by Winston Churchill, utilized hundreds of boats as small as 18 feet in length to ferry the soldiers across the channel to England- and relative safety. Most of the British troops were highly trained professional soldiers from the British Expeditionary Force (BEF). Had this effort not been successful, the ultimate outcome of the war would have been in even greater doubt. Or Perhaps it would have been less in doubt. After all, England stood alone, on the Western front, against the staggering might of the Third Reich from the time of Dunkirk until after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a year and a half later.
                The movie’s trailer was recently released. And what was the reaction on social media to this thrilling, epic saga’s cinematic teaser, you ask? Apparently, many are upset at the movie’s historical accuracy. Quite a few folks tweeted that they won’t be going to see the movie because it’s “too white.”
                Here is a very small sampling of the social media multicultural madness surrounding this not-yet-released film based on a true story (I will omit the addresses, etc., of those posting these “messages” to protect the idiotic and insane):

                “Dunkirk or: let’s put all the attractive, white, British males in one movie.”
                “I assume the guys bitching about a female-directed female-driven film will be the first in line for Dunkirk, a movie starring only white guys.”
                “What comes to mind when I see the trailer for Dunkirk? A boring war movie with a bunch of white dudes. #nothanks”
                “Dunkirk: more proof Hollywood will never run out of movies about white guys doing stuff in WWII.”

                “Dunkirk trailer: plays
                Me: stop showing these unimportant white men, where’s harry the only man who matters…” (“Unimportant white men?” Has anything ever been more legitimately offensive and less accurate? They sacrificed everything to make it possible for ignoramuses such as yourself to continue wallowing in your own self-satisfied stupidity).

                These mind-altered, progressive snowflakes want to deliberately misrepresent history In favor of their cherished diversity memes.
                You can be sure these same moronic, inane, culture-warriors would also post the following remarks about many of the most famous movies depicting historical events:

                “Why are there so many white people in Fiddler on the Roof?”
                “Like, why were there so many black dudes in Tuskegee Airmen?”
                “Not even one Albanian polyamorous FemFluid character in the movie Glory? Shame.”
                “Am I the only one gob-smacked by the lack of leading roles for lesbians, children, Muslims, and Costa Ricans in Apocalypse Now? #notmyvietnamwar”
                “What comes to mind when I watch Casablanca? A boring war movie with insufficient transgender representation!”
                What about fictional movies?
                “Toy Story or: let’s put all the animated kid’s toys in one movie. Lame.”
                Is a future documentary chronicling the Crusades going to have to feature an equal number of Hindus and Amish folk?
                The truth is currently no match for those who take shelter in a twisted, utopian fantasy world.
                Tragically, we need a new Dunkirk today, to rescue the sane and logical from the rapidly advancing armies of radical secularists, multiculturalists, anarchists, and Muslims.
                Let’s hope it is as successful as the first Dunkirk. Maybe someone will make a movie about it.
                On second thought, maybe they won’t.


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