Thursday, July 6, 2017

Denmark's "Little Mermaid" Defaced By Anti-Whaling Group

                Anti-whaling vandals painted Copenhagen’s famous “Little Mermaid” statue blood red recently, while also writing “Denmark defend the whales of Faroe Islands” on the ground abutting the iconic figure. Faroe Islanders are largely self-governing Danish citizens who have hunted pilot whales- a non-threatened species- for over 500 years.
                The annual hunt, known as the grindadrĂ¡p, or grind, has come under fire from the Sea Shepherd Netherlands, a marine-conservation charity, among others. The group recently submitted a complaint about the grind to the European Commission, and claims to have “formal support” from many members of the European Union’s Parliament.
                Some locals are opposed to the hunt, but are also opposed to the defacing of the beloved sculpture, which was inspired by Danish author Hans Christian Anderson and created by a Danish artist. The head of Copenhagen’s culture and leisure committee was adamantly opposed to the vandalism, saying: “National treasures like this should be left well alone…Vandalizing the little mermaid is as stupid as you can possibly get.”
                According to the Associated Press, the Little Mermaid has been previously violated. She’s apparently been knocked off her rock in Copenhagen Harbor, dismembered, and even beheaded. (Was Kathy Griffin in country at the time?).
                The Faroe Islanders reportedly dispatched 84 whales in this year’s first grind. Planned Parenthood kills roughly 300,000 babies a year. Painting the Little Mermaid- a beautiful sea creature herself, half woman and half fish- red in protest of whaling is a “non-sequitur in action.” It would be as if those of us who strongly oppose abortion threw blood on the Statue of Liberty.

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