Thursday, July 20, 2017

Phil Donahue Says This Is The Darkest Moment In American Political History

                “This is the darkest political moment in American history,” former talk-show host Phil Donahue stated recently on MSNBC, adding, “Who’s going to argue that?”
                Gee, I don’t know Phil…I guess I will.
                Let’s see, we’ve had the Aaron Burr-Alexander Hamilton duel between the sitting Vice-President of the Unites States and a former Secretary of the Treasury, in which the latter was slain. We’ve experienced several assassinations, including of Abraham Lincoln, at the very end of a war between American states. You might have heard of it. 620,000 Americans died in that “political moment.” Kind of dark, Phillip John, wouldn’t you agree?
                There was Watergate, your previous favorite scandal, P.J. Then we had to survive gas lines, stagflation, double-digit interest rates, “malaise” and the bizarre reign of an all-too-sober, pseudo-intellectual redneck who “lusted in his heart.” We would have been better off with his authentically redneck brother Billy as Commander-in-Chief.
                 “Hypocrisy is killing us,” Donahue said recently on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” (CNN and “reliable sources” should never appear in the same paragraph together. I apologize). He was upset that, though Americans tout their patriotism, only about half of them vote. “We were apathetic and we looked up and think (sic) now, holy cow, we got a—we got—I don’t even want to say it. We got a P-U-S-S-Y grabber for president and we are appalled.”
                Donahue, who tries desperately to come off as a European-style “intellectual,” though his I.Q is more likely on par with a water buffalo’s, apparently leads an utterly unexamined life.
                It was not many years ago that President Bill Clinton was impeached for his actual, real- and eventually admitted- adulterous Oval Office affair with a young intern, one that involved creative uses of cigars, dress stains, and fellatio while El President√© was on the phone with world leaders…and about which he (originally) lied while under oath. This is also the same president that was accused of raping various other women prior to attaining office. Strangely, Mr. Donahue didn’t hyperventilate over those minor indiscretions.
                Donahue is himself a hypocrite of the highest and rankest order, pretending he disdains hypocrisy while taking it to a never-before-reached level.
                We are actually approaching the darkest moment in American political history, Phil. But that moment will arrive when conservatives are barred from speaking on college campuses, when Christian organizations are labeled as “hate groups,” when men can simply claim to be women and be granted rights to use their public restrooms and locker rooms, when cigarettes are banned but marijuana is legalized, and when a duly-elected president can be removed from office simply because an entitled and infantilized minority is tired of democratic republicanism.
                That moment is here, Phil. Who’s going to argue that?

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