Friday, July 28, 2017

Man Who Killed Step-Daughter, Raped Corpse, Upset With Divorce Settlement

                 A man who was convicted of killing his stepdaughter and having sex with her corpse is now challenging his divorce terms with her mother. Gregory Graf, 55, recently stated via a video feed from his Pennsylvania prison cell that he never agreed to terms that would give him 25% of the assets he shared with his wife.
                In February of 2017, Jack McMahon, Graf’s attorney, said that Graf was happy with the terms reached at the time. However, Graf now says he didn’t understand the information McMahon gave him: “I don’t know what is going on, I’m not a legal person.”

    No kidding.

                In 2014, Graf was convicted of fatally shooting his 33-year-old stepdaughter, and recording himself on video sexually abusing her corpse. McMahon defended his defense of the monster Graf by saying that “something snapped.” He added that the murder was not premeditated. Graf, who is currently serving a life sentence in prison, is being sued by his stepdaughter’s husband, who is seeking monetary damages for their three children.
                I have seen reports saying that Graf “slept with his stepdaughter’s corpse.” A corpse can no longer actually “sleep,” though Graf himself should be “sleeping with the fishes.” To call these crimes “heinous” is an understatement. How is it possible that a court would consider his case? In light of this, how is it possible that he can now attempt to negotiate what percentage of his shared marital assets he can retain?
               This is beyond sick. Beyond chilling.

   “Something snapped?” Something is broken in all of us if we no longer care to seriously address evil.

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