Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Left, Media, Totally Unhinged

                It is literally impossible to overstate the bias and hypocrisy of the mainstream media. Its insane clown posse show continues unabated. It is currently consumed with attempting to find collusion between the Trump administration and the Russian government, despite a complete lack of evidence, and even though it is now beyond doubt that some of the very people who are looking to impeach Trump have colluded with Russians in their efforts to take Trump down.
                And then there is the staggering difference in how violence and threats of violence are covered by those in the coastal mass media. Those who they reflexively tar as “Right-wing extremists,” who are, in the vast majority of cases, simply folks who believe in limited government, of, by, and for, the people, they automatically assume to be unhinged and dangerously predisposed to violence, though this is almost never the case.
                On the other hand, actual violence- and murder!- committed by those on the left is excused, papered-over, or never mentioned at all. Over 30 Republican members of Congress have been attacked or been the victim of death threats just since early May. Think you’d have heard more about this if instead 30 Democrats had been the recipients of the attacks and threats?
                On June 17th, Missouri Rep. Ann Wagner revealed that she had gotten five death threats in the weeks leading up to the Scalise shooting. Protesters vandalized her home, picketed her church, and drew chalk outlines of dead bodies on her driveway.
                On June 22nd, a man was arrested for leaving a voicemail threatening Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers and his family. The message stated, “We’re coming to get every goddamn one of you and your families. Maybe the next one taken down will be your daughter. Huh? Or your wife.”
                That same day, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz went on “Fox & Friends” to reveal a voicemail he received: “I suggest you prepare for the battle mother**ker, and the apocalypse, because we are going to hunt your ass down, wrap a rope around your neck, and hang you from a lamppost.” (Lynching is once again sanctioned by Democrats. This time it is a white person).
                Recently, Phil Montag, a Nebraska Democratic Party official, expounded on how glad he was that Congressman Scalise had been shot, via an audio recording posted on YouTube. “I wish he was (expletive) dead,” Montag stated in the recording.
                This came just one week after another Nebraska Democratic official viciously mocked grieving members of Congress following the attempted murder of Republican softball players in Alexandria, Virginia. Chelsey Gentry-Tipton, chairwoman of the Democratic Party’s Black Caucus, posted a Facebook thread about the shooting, in which she wrote: “Watching the congressmen crying on live tv abt the trauma they experienced. Y is this so funny tho?”
                What would have been the fate of any Republican official writing of John Kennedy’s assassination: “Y is this so funny tho?” Beyond the pale. Beyond belief. At least I wish it were. But this is, clearly, the modus operandi of the new Democratic-Socialist Party of America. And their media puppets.
                Recently, Mark Prichard was arrested at Arizona Senator Jeff Flake’s office after he told a staffer, “You know how liberals are going to solve the Republican problem?... They are going to get better aim. That last guy tried, but he needed better aim. We will get better aim.” (Referring to the Scalise shooting. Flake was also on the field that day). Say, aren’t Democrats great gun-control advocates? Where was the 24/7 mainstream media coverage of this “gun nut?” This tells anyone with a shred of independence and open-mindedness all they need to know about media bias.
                Yet another Nebraskan, an Omaha man, was recently arrested by the FBI on suspicion of making threats against Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa, including that he “could kill” her.
                And now, Scott Hamann, a Maine state lawmaker, took to Facebook to call Trump a “joke,” and a “rapist,” while threatening the president’s life. “Trump is a half term president, at most, especially if I ever get within ten feet of that p*ssy.” (Funny, isn’t that a word that drove the left insane when Trump allegedly used it? Haven’t heard anything at all about this would-be assassin’s use of the term).
                And, what about all the celebrities wishing to decapitate or assassinate our duly elected leaders?
                Madonna says she “thought a lot about blowing up the White House.” Snoop Dogg “shoots” Trump in the head in a music video. (I’m guessing he would’ve been upset if a musician had “shot” Obama in the head in a music video. Call me crazy). Kathy Griffin beheaded him in a graphic photo. Robert De Niro said, “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Joss Whedon hoped that a rhino would “f**k Paul Ryan to death.” A Shakespeare in the Park play shows Trump getting stabbed to death. Rapper YG threatens Trump with a song called “F--- Donald Trump.” The notorious Marilyn Manson kills Trump in a music video. Virginia Rep. Tom Garrett and his family were also the recipients of multiple death threats, with one such message reading, “This is how we’re going to kill your wife.” Shortly after that, FBI agents arrested a Tucson Unified School District employee for making violent threats against Arizona Rep. Martha McSally. Agents said 58-year-old Steve Martan left threatening voice-mails for McSally, telling the Republican congresswoman that her days were "numbered."  Also last month, police in Tennessee charged 35-year-old Wendi Wright with felony reckless endangerment for allegedly trying to run Republican Congressman David Kustoff off the road after a town hall he held regarding the GOP health care bill. If Wright stays out of trouble and abides by the terms of her one-year restraining order, then all charges will be expunged from her record, reported Buzzfeed, which covered the story in sympathetic terms. "Wendi Wright can't have any contact with Republican Rep. David Kustoff for a year after she chased after him for his vote on Obamacare last month," read the story's sub-headline.  See the pattern here?
                Then you have Johnny Depp, star of Pirates of the Caribbean, “joking” about assassinating President Trump at this year’s Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts. Crowds cheered when he asked, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” He then added, “…it has been a while and maybe it is time.”
                Somewhere, Abraham Lincoln is laughing, I’m sure.
                That this kind of depraved hate-speech would never have been tolerated if directed at Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is absolutely irrefutable. That this is only okay/ignored/put up with/reveled in because trump is seen only as a rich, white, male is absolutely irrefutable.
                I would love to debate anyone on the left or in the mainstream media (redundant, I know), on any topic at any time…but they won’t debate because they know they can’t win. Logic and facts are not on their side. But they want what they want- when they want it- anyway. That is why they continually resort to throwing violent tantrums while essentially screaming, “I know you are, but what am I?”


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