Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Artist To Make Snow Globes For Planned Parenthood

                CNN recently reported that a St. Louis artist named “Bunny Burson” will be utilizing some of Hillary Clinton’s tragically unused election night confetti to make snow globes to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. Burson attended Clinton’s election eve watch party at the Javits Center in Manhattan, eagerly anticipating being caught in the blizzard of confetti that would signify the election of the nation’s first (allegedly) female president, if you don’t count Jimmy Carter.
                Given the recent history of CNN, and the artist’s first name, I felt compelled to verify the story via other sources. I have done so. It appears CNN accidentally got something correct, and that this tale is true. I’m sure someone will be sacked.
                The confetti-filled snow globes are to be sold inside Planned Parenthood clinics in St. Louis, with all proceeds benefitting the organization, and its quest to rid the world of those scary “fetuses of color.” And, I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel the spirit of Christmas  a winter wonderland scene more than an abortion clinic. Cue Burl Ives and Bing Crosby!
                Yet Burson apparently believes that Planned Parenthood is somehow in the vanguard of America’s women’s rights movement, now in its 169th year: “I just feel whether it’s running for office or breaking their own glass ceiling in some other way, now’s a time not to give up,” she stated.
                Hillary hawking shirts, artists donating snow globes? Who- and what’s- next in line to help fill Planned Parenthood’s coffers so they can open more shiny, new Mega-death shops? Let’s put our heads together and think outside of the womb box. Any suggestions?
                Maybe Planned Parenthood itself can sell any unused baby parts they have lying around to the DNC. The DNC could then make trinkets, gewgaws and curios out of these pieces and give them back to the organization so they could sell them for a tidy profit.
                Planned Parenthood has a number of slogans it uses in its advertising. One is: “Act. No matter what.” Another is: “Stand with PP.”
                Perhaps it would be better if couples thought before acting. No matter what.
                If they’d put their “PP’s” away, they wouldn’t have needed Planned Parenthood’s services.
                And they could “Stand with dignity.” For the rest of their lives.


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