Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Minnesota Department Of Education Approves New Transgender Toolkit

                A Minnesota Department of Education advisory council has approved a new “toolkit” for “Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students.” The toolkit was approved by something called the School Safety Technical Assistance Council, and, though nonbinding, it strongly encourages schools to implement radical new policies in support of transgender and gender nonconforming students. The toolkit, which will be distributed to K-12 schools statewide, recommends that school officials ask before assuming a student’s name, gender identity or pronoun. It also states that schools should not exclude students from activities based on how they identify.
                Kindergartners literally don’t even know what a pronoun is, and can’t possibly have a sexual orientation, yet teachers are supposed to ask them what their “preferred” pronoun is- to use in conjunction with their “gender identity?”


                Moreover, the kit advises public schools to stop calling students “boys and girls,” and to start calling them “scholars” instead. It also has helpful, progressive guidelines for bathroom and locker room usage, as well as hotel room accommodations, should schools take their young scholars on road trips: students should be allowed to choose the restroom, locker room, or accommodation of their gender choice. If this policy makes any other students uncomfortable, the guidelines state, those students should be restricted to a single-use restroom, if available. The toolkit is going out to all public schools in Minnesota despite the fact that transgender people are estimated to comprise just 0.6% of the population (of the United States).
                Can you say, “insane?”
                If we can’t assume a student’s name, gender, or preferred pronoun, how can we assume anything else, either? What if a white student wants to be referred to as black? If that’s how he/she/ze/xir/whatever-the-hell identifies, who are we to refuse to comply? And why should we simply take it upon ourselves to arbitrarily assume the student is human? Or, if they so identify, that they are any particular age? Hmmm?
                This will be needlessly- and tragically- confusing, especially to the young grade-school students.
 States that implement this kind of “strongly suggested,” codified child-molestation should look for chaos to rule, and depression and suicide rates to soar among young people in the decades to come. 
But, on the lighter side, I can’t wait to see how the classic, formerly timeless “Dick and Jane” children’s book series evolves to meet the demands of today’s progressive educator class.
Or maybe they won’t have to evolve all that much. Here is a snippet from the play.google.com/store/books website: “Millions of Americans remember Dick and Jane (and Sally and Spot, too!). Now Dick and Jane and all their pals are back with revised editions of these classic readers for a whole new generation of readers to enjoy!”
Perhaps Dick now identifies as Jane and Jane now identifies as Dick- and/or has one. Maybe Sally is now non-binary. And who knows what Spot might claim to be! The possibilities are endless! I myself am tempted to peruse these updated treasures for the beginning reader!
Here is an excerpt from the Penguin Young Readers Book 2, Dick and Jane- Fun with Dick and Jane: “Look, Jane,” said Dick. “Here is something funny. Can you guess what it is?”
And this from the Young Readers Book 4, Dick and Jane- Guess Who: “Guess who this is,” said Jane. “Guess who this is,” said Sally. “And see the two little ones. Guess who.”


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