Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trump, Hillary And Election News: Film At 11

                 I thought I’d seen everything by now, at least as “everything” pertains to presidential elections. As it turns out, that can never confidently be said in this particular election cycle. We’ve recently been privy to many things…that should’ve stayed in the privy.
                We now know that Donald Trump boasted about groping females. (This isn’t on par, however, with Bill Clinton’s serial rape/harassment, and only proves that he is randy. Or Italian). We now know that Hillary has come to “hate everyday Americans” and is in bed with both Wall Street and the mainstream media. (Bill would’ve been jealous, but fortunately he is in bed with them all, too). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why much of mainstream America distrusts and dislikes Hillary, Wall Street, the mainstream media, and all of their elitist cronies.
                Much can- and will- happen between now and Election Day. It literally wouldn’t surprise me if we discovered that Trump is secretly gay, or that Hillary is a cannibal. Or that the Donald was born in South Africa. Or that Hillary wants to legalize late-term bestiality.
                Now, if it’s revealed that they go to the same swinger’s parties…


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