Monday, October 17, 2016

High School Teacher Smears Trump Supporters

                 A Smithtown High School West teacher’s recent social media post has spawned controversy. The Long Island educator labeled some of her students “racist” simply for supporting the Republican presidential candidate, Donald trump. The post read, “This week is spirit week at Smithtown HS West. It’s easy to spot which students are racist by the Trump gear they’re sporting for USA Day.”
                Students at the school reacted in various ways to the obviously vile, false and intolerant post. One said, “It’s not a good idea because then like she influences the students with the same ideas.” Another student’s parent exclaimed: “There’s no reason for her to pass judgment on those kids on a social platform.”
                And another parent stated, “I’m not big on social media, but I think that in the classroom they need to show both sides.”
                A majority of people voted for Barack Obama- in part because he is black- with no repercussions. But if one plans to vote for the white male candidate in the upcoming election, they must literally prepare to be assaulted.
                It is easy to spot who is racist and intolerant…by their reaction to Trump gear.
                And it is just as easy to spot who detests traditional Catholics, conservatives, Sanders supporters, “needy Latinos,” Trump supporters, southerners, and “everyday Americans” by the Clinton gear they sport, isn’t it?


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