Friday, October 7, 2016

Clown Fired Over Gender Joke

                Clowns have been in the news a lot lately. They haven’t been the recipients of glowing coverage. That didn’t change with the following report.
                A rodeo clown was fired after making jokes about gender identity during an event in Michigan last month, according to WILX-TV of Marshall, Michigan. The station reported that the “incident” happened at the Calhoun County Fair on August 18th. A witness at the event took a video of the egregious occurrence and promptly sent it to the television station, stating that many people left after hearing the man’s attempts at humor.
                The clown, “Rockin’ Robbie Hodges,” remarked: “You’re either a boy or a girl, y’all understand. If you’re confused then you need help, okay? Everybody in here who's really sure they're a boy raise your hand. If you can tinkle on a fire you go to the boy’s room, if you can't, you go to the girl’s room, right?”
                I wonder how many fair-goers will sue for damages or seek psychiatric help after being subjected to these largely truthful, mildly teasing words?
                Hodges is- excuse me, was- an independent contractor for Lost Nations Rodeo Company.
                "I was very disappointed, because we do not put on a platform for that to happen here," Megan Harvey, executive director for the Calhoun County Fair, told WILX-TV. Hodges was fired later that night after the comments were brought to the attention of Shilo Walden, a spokesperson for the company.
                Lost Nations Rodeo profusely apologized for Hodges’ unprovoked attack: "Lost Nations Rodeo was unaware that those comments would be made and were off script. Hodges is a well-decorated entertainer, and while we appreciate his services, we do not share the same views or opinions,” the company said in a statement. “We sincerely apologize again to all of our fans and look forward to entertaining you in the future.”
                The now unemployed Hodges has, of course,  apologized for his behavior and is probably hoping to avoid the death penalty.
                Massive flooding in Louisiana? No one cares, Obama keeps right on golfing.(It’s probably still Bush’s fault, anyway).
                 The Obama administration pays ransom for hostages? No one cares.
                 Most of the people/entities that visited Hillary while she was head of the State Department donated to the Clinton Foundation? No one cares.
                Mounting Hillary e-mail scandal? No one cares.
                Any one of these events might have taken down a previous president. All of them together, all occurring or coming to light within such a short span of time, comprise the greatest set of scandals to ever plague any presidential administration. And no one cares. What a load of…bull.
                The vulgarity in rap music, on television, in the movies…and in the current presidential campaign… is either lauded or at least tolerated. Those folks keep their jobs and either Clinton or Trump will soon be president. We are encouraging men to use girl’s bathrooms now, but a clown makes a “tinkle” joke and that’s beyond the pale?
                What this country needs is a Frank conversation. Which is precisely why those on the left go to such extremes to stifle free speech. The U.S. needs to channel its inner Sinatra.
                “Isn’t it rich? Isn’t it queer? Losing our country after 200 years. And where are the clowns? Quick, send in the clowns.

                Don’t bother…they’re here.”

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