Monday, October 24, 2016

Madonna Offers "Reward" To Encourage People To Vote For Hillary

                 Madonna is urging everyone to vote for Hillary Clinton, and she’s willing to put your honey where her mouth is. The aging pop queen recently told the crowd at Madison Square Garden: “If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blow job.” (The 58-year-old singer is apparently down on her luck, as she opened for comedienne Amy Schumer. That’s better than opening for Chuck Schumer, but not by much).
                The “Like a Virgin” crooner, who has been a consistent supporter of Hillary in particular and leftist causes in general, went on to extol her other oral talents, telling those in the audience: “And I’m good.” Sadly, her boast brought loud cheers from the crowd.
                The Material Girl did not reveal any further details of her new get-out-the-vote plan, a quintessentially Democratic action. One expert said the offer to perform oral sex would include both men and women, though he expressed concern that scheduling and implementation of the plan would be “somewhat problematic.”
                This is a new high in progressive’s attempts to drive morons into the voting booth, which in past years has included bribing homeless people with cartons of cigarettes and  free round-trip rides to the polling places. This is a great opportunity for the low-information voters. Let’s hope they don’t blow it!
                So Express Yourselves, folks. Justify Her Love. Get Into the Groove (booth?), Boy, You’ve Got to Prove Your Love to Her. After all, she’s Borderline Crazy for You…and your vote.

                And the Beat Goes On.
(Please see my post from October 16th, “American Voters Slouching Towards Gomorrah.”)

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