Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Obama, Clinton, Cruz, Rubio: An American Essay, Part II (The Final Chapter?)

                 There has been much consternation among many Americans as to why President Obama consistently takes actions that are obviously detrimental to the interests- and image- of the United States. This despite his promise to “fundamentally transform” the nation, despite his 20+ year relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright who famously, repeatedly, chanted “God Damn America” from his pulpit, despite his association with Bill Ayers, etc., etc.
                He is a smart man. At some point you have to come to the realization that he takes these actions because he wants to.
 It is the same with the Clintons. Has he really abused all those women? Has she really put up with all of it? Can they both have really told so many lies over the decades? Been so cavalier about national security? Yes. It is who they are.
So, why have the establishment Republicans promised to govern in a conservative manner and consistently backed away from doing so upon election? Why does government never shrink? Why is abortion legal? Why is Planned Parenthood still going strong? Why is Obamacare the law of the land? Why are we now approximately $20 trillion in debt? Why are our borders unenforced? Why have we sanctified gay marriage? Why do federal agencies consider “right- wing extremists” a graver danger than Islamic terrorists? I could go on and on…and on…and on. But I think by now you know the answer.
We have effectively been living in a one-party political system for years. The Elite Establishment Party rules the nation and in turn are essentially controlled by the donors and lobbyists. There Is now also an emerging second party: the hard left Socialist Party USA. We may also, God-willing, be seeing the rise of a nascent third party: the Conservative Constitutionalists. The Elites care for power and money more than they care about the country. Multinational companies, globalism and one-world-government are the order of the day, the realpolitik.
If you are a white, working (or middle/upper middle) class person from flyover- town, the Elite Establishment Party doesn’t care what you think. They disdain you. Worse, if you happen to be of a Tea-Party bent, a conservative who actually believes in the country’s founding principles, a strict constructionist, they are united…in their hatred of you. The “Republican” establishment literally hates conservatives. That is the truth. True conservatives challenge them, make them say things they don’t believe, potentially threaten the natural order of things and generally make them feel uncomfortable, much like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
The hard left Socialists are, of course, ideologically against every principle the United States was founded on, though at least they are presently open and honest about their beliefs and intentions. This leaves the Conservative Constitutionalists as the only hope for the continued existence of America.
Enter Ted Cruz. The establishment RINO’s have done an about face and have now decided they would rather deal with Donald Trump than Ted Cruz. “The Donald” has no real conservative credentials whatsoever and they believe they can co-opt him. After all, he is a New York billionaire.
Ted Cruz came to Washington just four years ago and didn’t even genuflect to the establishment types. He made it clear what he believed and what he wished to accomplish. He didn’t go out of his way to get their advice or offer to shine their shoes. The establishment hates his guts. They really, really wish him ill. That is why you are now hearing them say things like “Nobody likes Ted Cruz,” and “He’s mean.” It is disgusting…and pathetic.
I don’t know if Cruz can win the nomination- or the presidency- with so many enemies. I do know they will spare no effort in their attempt to discredit him. I also know that with enemies like those, he has my vote.
Cruz needs all the help and support he can get. So does America.

(Marco Rubio has waffled/been soft on illegal immigration in the past. It was a big mistake, one that he’ll have to try to overcome. He is, however, a deep thinker, well-spoken and right on many issues. He has diligently studied policy and the historical results thereof… in depth and for years. He is a “policy wonk,” as opposed to Cruz, who is learned and very smart in his own right but who focuses on big picture principles of freedom, free markets, individual rights, Natural Law, etc. Rubio is a Newt Gingrich of sorts to Cruz’s Ronald Reagan. Cruz-Rubio. That’s the ticket!).


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