Saturday, January 9, 2016

Donald Trump, The Republican Party... And A Brokered Convention?

                 There is much speculation about the fate of Donald Trump’s candidacy…and the Republican Party. Trump is not- and never has been- a conservative. In temperament, personality and observable character, he is, in fact, the anti-Reagan. He has given money to Democratic candidates in the past. He does have two things going for him… currently the two most important things to many voters…and likely to the fate of the nation. He is right on immigration and he doesn’t worship at the altar of political correctness. People believe he means what he says. It is an unusual- even uniquely strange- situation in which we find ourselves. Has a major party ever tried to take down its own leading candidate for the nomination, one who has energized millions of voters and whose poll numbers are more than double his second place challenger?  That can’t be healthy for that party. How did we get here?
                 A number of years ago, the Democratic Party, already becoming ever more liberal, completely fled the mainstream, exiting stage left. Soon thereafter, the establishment Republicans followed it. Worse, they borrowed an age old leftist tactic and pretended to be something they were no longer. They pledged to rein in government, to cut regulation, govern in a responsible manner. They won elections via these promises. They did not govern responsibly.
                More recently they claimed to be aghast- aghast, I tell you!- over the passage of Obama Care and the continued funding of Planned Parenthood, otherwise known as Murder, Inc. They promised to roll back or eliminate the programs and funding. They won two landslide congressional elections with these promises. They did not do what they promised to do.
                The recent budget “compromise” fully funds every progressive program, every liberal wet-dream-come-true and every Democratic whim.
                So here we are today. The gutless, lying, big government Republicans making people (yours truly among them) angry- and sick to their stomachs. People realize things are quickly headed in the wrong direction, with the passing of bills or the lawless instituting of regulations and “law” by executive fiat or judicial decree. Things that would have been thought impossible- by members of both parties- not too many years ago, have come to pass and are now, apparently, a permanent part of the American landscape.
                The bulk of American citizens know that the illegal immigration taking place today can have only one result. In the past, immigrants only wanted a chance. To work hard and become Americans. That is why they came. Wherever they may have come from, they shared that one trait. They believed in America’s promise and her founding principles.  Most of them were also Christian. Or Jewish. A few were agnostic or atheist.
                There are still those who seek to come here for those very reasons. Those folks usually try to come here legally.  Unfortunately, there are now two very different groups of folks seeking entry to the United States. Some wish to come here for the benefits, the largess that they know will be bestowed upon them. The welfare state is an attractive and comfortable hammock in which to repose. (The same can be said of much of Europe, of course). The second group is composed of the devout Muslims, those who wish to live under Sharia Law, wherever they reside. Sharia Law is simply not compatible with an open, democratic, free-market based nation, nor with the founding principles of the United States. We either let America go the way of the passenger pigeon and relinquish our freedoms or we don’t.
                Trump voters don’t want to be told to go sit in the corner or lay by their dish. They can’t vote for Democrats. That party has turned against its own country. They can no longer vote for establishment Republicans. They have no other choice but Trump- or Cruz.
                There is talk of a brokered Republican convention. The establishment wing so detests Trump- and is so afraid of him- that they will do anything to keep him off the ballot. Many are worried that if this happens it will mark the end of the Republican Party. Establishment Republicans (Republicans In Name Only, or RINOs) have likely already ensured that result. There is simply no way a true conservative, someone who believes in the founding principles of limited government by, of and for the people, the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Natural Law can in good conscience vote for the “moderate,” establishment, country-club, big-government GOP’ers. If the policies of the Democrat-RINO Complex are continued, with unlimited income redistribution and unfettered illegal immigration, no conservative will ever win another national election, anyway. It won’t matter how bad the economy gets. Look at Detroit.
                The 1976 Republican Convention was their last brokered one. They picked the wrong candidate to put on the ballot. He lost to Jimmy Carter. Four disastrous years later, the candidate the convention of ’76 snubbed was elected President. He was a Washington outsider and a conservative. The country experienced a startling renewal.
                That will not happen again. The times, they are a changin’. Brokered or not, we need to get this convention right. Divided we must stand, as united with RINOs we- and the country- will continue to fail. That is an absolute certainty.
                Ted Cruz appears to be the real deal. Let’s hope he can trump “the Donald.” If not, swallow hard, plug your nose and hope Trump can cruise to the nomination. And the presidency.
                 No more Clintons or Bushes. No more fundamental transformation of America, though we do need change… now more than ever. The right kind of change. I fear that it won’t happen.
                I hope I am wrong.


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