Friday, January 22, 2016

Donald Trump To Be Banned From Britain?

                 Four hundred thousand British folks have launched a petition seeking to bar Donald Trump from entering Britain on the basis of laws against hate speech.  Michael Savage, a conservative radio host from San Francisco, has already been the victim of these ridiculous, intolerant, tyrannical and hugely hypocritical laws.
                Trump and Savage are- whatever their faults- by any objective and reasoned measure attempting to help the English speaking peoples, as Churchill called them, salvage some of their history, traditions and culture. Are they a bit arrogant at times? Yes. Much as Churchill was. Are they xenophobic or predisposed to violence? Absolutely not, nor was Churchill. They have a noble goal in common with each other and with Sir Winston: to lead the West out of a potentially existential crisis and through this dark hour. True, they cannot compare to the former Prime Minister in many respects, but who can?

                Should not the British be more concerned with keeping radical Islamists who want to kill them and destroy their heritage from entering Britain than with barring those who wish to help?

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