Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Chinese Government To Enslave Citizens Via "Sesame Credit"

                                        Welcome To The Sheeple's Republic Of China

                  The Chinese government is turning its own citizens “trustworthiness” and submissiveness into a financial and political game sponsored by the state and soon to be mandatory. The country’s social media networks have “partnered” with the Communist government to measure how fiscally responsible and politically and “morally” obedient citizens are. The program is called, “Sesame Credit,” and utilizes a game-like format to create self-imposed, group control. Sesame Credit is operated by Alibaba and Tencent, the two companies that run all of China’s top social networks. Alibaba is the world’s largest online shopping platform, boasting over 400 million users.
                The program won’t become mandatory for every Chinese citizen until 2020, but it is already working according to reports. Fiscal and government-held data are combined and each citizen is ranked via being assessed one single “score,” or rating, a number that can go up or down based on their “behavior.”  Citizens are encouraged to fully pay all their bills on time in order to raise their credit score…and many are even posting their scores on dating sites and their own social media pages. The program also looks at what each person purchases and may adjust one’s score accordingly. Buy work shoes and diapers and you must be responsible…your score goes up. Saki and Anime’ from Japan? Obviously you are irresponsible and immoral…down goes your score.
                The soon-to-be omniscient- and omnipotent- program will even take note of which females have been “instructed” to take birth control. But wait, there’s more! A citizen’s score will almost certainly be adversely affected if they don’t happily and totally toe the government line. If one posts a political opinion without prior permission and approval, or posts information that the government does not wish to be disseminated, one’s score is lowered. Not only that, but if any of your friends do so, your score will likewise be lowered.
                You and your friends will not only be objects of constant state-sponsored surveillance, but your score will be readily available for everyone to see. "Open Sesame?" Crash your “credit” score and lose your friends, job, wife? This insipid public shaming will itself act as a form of powerful peer pressure against free and open thought and debate, as well as politically-incorrect behavior. Shades of the KGB and the Stasi.
                This is chilling, Orwellian behavior, indeed, but is it already happening in Europe and America, as well? The sad fact is that Western leftist’s incessant push for more and more free speech to be branded politically-incorrect, offensive or even officially recognized “hate speech,” shares many of the same goals, and a few similar methods, with the Chinese Communist government’s attempt to reassert total control over a soon-to-be obedient, malleable, intellectually-disarmed populace.
                Looming cyber-security initiatives would link web access with an individual user’s identity. Several prominent feminists and other assorted leftists have already called on the UN to pressure ISPs and governments to restrict or eliminate web access for those with the temerity to disagree with them.
                We, the "sheeple" (to borrow a phrase from Michael Savage), are allowing our freedoms to be gradually eroded on a day-by-day basis. We need to collectively put on our “rally-caps” and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. This new year, 2016, would be a fine time to start.

                If we don’t, the yoke will be on us. Permanently.

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