Sunday, January 10, 2016

Man-Caused Arrogance Increasing To Dangerous Levels

                 We human beings didn’t create ourselves, nor did we create the earth, universe or cosmos. Yet, somehow, we are all here. I doubt that (the) God/Gods/Mother Nature/Evolution/Unsacred miracle or random, fluky, occurrence that did create/lead to everything is/are particularly impressed with our boastful claim that we have control over the climate, have caused the latest bout of “global warming,” (even though we know that we didn’t cause earlier ice ages and warming periods) and will now see to it that future warming slows or stops.
                This past year, heads of European nations thought they could look progressive, hip, tolerant, and morally superior while allowing millions of immigrants to swarm their countries, (obvious) consequences-be-damned. Western authorities attending the Paris COP21 Climate Summit pledged to spend $150 billion per year (for much the same reason) to slow global warming by 2100, even while letting the two biggest greenhouse gas contributors, China and India, off the hook. The actions of Russia and China speak for themselves, and North Korea’s “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-un is the gold standard for completely unwarranted, fabricated arrogance. Meanwhile, American President Barrack Obama frequently decided that he knew better than the Founders, the Congress, and the people and repeatedly broke the law by circumventing the Constitution of the United States, whilst promising to do so even more frequently in his last year in office. Doing her part, Hillary Clinton still refused to take any blame for the Benghazi attacks and her State Department accomplices essentially refused to turn over many of the e-mails from the private account/server she used in direct contravention of established government protocol.
                Then there’s Trump.
                It was a record year for man-caused arrogance. In fact, 97% of experts and political scientists agree that 2015 was the most arrogant year ever recorded, and they expect levels of arrogance to rise yet again in 2016.

                Don’t believe it? Doubting? Skeptical?  Logically refute me, Denier!

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