Wednesday, January 13, 2016

John Kerry Thanks Iran For Releasing Kidnapped American Sailors

                 The images of the ten American sailors on their knees with their hands on their heads are disturbing. That Iran would pull a stunt like the detaining of two American vessels and its sailors the week before it is to be the recipient of $100 billion in American largess beggars description. It underscores how weak the Obama administration appears and how little respect it has around the world. This would not have happened if Reagan were president. Iran sent back the 52 hostages it had held for 444 days moments after he was sworn in. Even the “progressive” Teddy Roosevelt, were he president today, would be soundly beating Iran about with his big stick.
                Thomas Jefferson, founder of the Democratic Party, built the American navy from scratch. He was tired of the four Muslim nations of the Barbary Coast seizing our merchant vessels in international waters and enslaving our sailors. He sent these newly built warships across the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea to kick the Barbary Pirates’ collective ass. They did.
                The American naval personnel, 9 men and one woman, had their shoes, weapons and other possessions taken from them, and the female was put in a Muslim headscarf. Moreover, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said that his forces’ coast-to-sea missiles were awaiting orders to hit the American aircraft carrier USS Truman, deployed in the Persian Gulf region. Ironically, if Truman was president, there would likely now be gaping holes in Iran’s coastal areas where those missile batteries supposedly were. (Not to worry, Ali, he wouldn’t have used nuclear weapons on you. Probably.).
                That would have been the proper response to the Rear Admiral, his bullshit threat and the Iranian leadership.
                Instead, American Secretary of State John Kerry actually thanked Iran for treating the sailors fairly and releasing them promptly, lauding its “quick and appropriate response!” (He apparently refrained from sending the Iranian leaders Pajamagrams and a Hallmark card).

                Mr. Jefferson, how we need you now. America- and her navy- need to be born again.

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