Sunday, January 17, 2016

St. Paul Public Schools' "Gender Inclusion" Policy

                 A public charter school in St. Paul, Minnesota, is the site of a continuing debate revolving around the “needs” of transgender and gender-nonconforming students. The controversy began when the parents of a 5-year-old child, who they tout as gender-nonconforming, asked Nova Classical Academy to help ensure their student wasn’t being bullied.

                Full stop. Please.  

                First off, they are implying that the school would otherwise allow 5-year-old children in its charge to be bullied. That is ludicrous. Secondly, no 5-year old knows if they really are “transgender” or “gender-nonconforming.” They may be curious, or want to play act, or even feel like it might be cool to be the other sex or no sex- or whatever- for awhile. And these feelings certainly aren’t of a sexual relations nature at this point. They simply may not know what their “identity” is at that age and adults that direct them otherwise are complicit in a tragic and unnecessary social experiment.
                That didn’t stop the school from reacting- dramatically overreacting in fact- to that one set of parents. When parents of other students heard that faculty members had been talking with children about such bullying and reading a book called “Jacob’s New Dress,” many were understandably upset. Kids are sponges at that age, and these are their teachers. The reading of that book without input from- or even notification of- the students’ parents is indoctrination not education.  
                Eventually, the school’s board got involved and outside groups intervened. The non-profit group “Gender Justice” is working with the family of the lone allegedly gender-nonconforming student.
                 The St. Paul Public Schools approved a gender inclusion policy last March, which states that staff in the school district will respect students’ gender identity and provide them with access to facilities that best align with that identity, including bathrooms. The Minnesota Family Council, a Christian organization based in nearby Minneapolis, put out a news release claiming that nearly 400 parents have signed a petition opposing mixed-sex bathrooms and that several have pulled their students out of Nova or off its waiting list. Nova has not yet adopted the St. Paul Public Schools’ inclusion policy and hasn’t made any final decisions regarding who can use which bathrooms. Ali Yocom, co-chair of a support group called “Transforming Families,” says the focus on bathrooms is simply a “scare tactic.” She also opined “It’s so sad that there are so many adults out there that are willing to go to great lengths to make this kid’s experience more difficult.”
                Ali, I beg to differ.
                It’s so sad that there are two adults out there (not counting Ali) that are willing to go to great lengths to make all these kids’- and their parents’- experiences more difficult. Their own kid would have been just fine- better off, in fact- without their attempt to make the rest of the world tremble before their titanic tolerance and insurmountable inclusivity. The political agenda behind this push is easily seen in the name of the “support group,” Transforming Families. (Not Helping Families, Family Choice, Gender Choice For Families or Gender Neutral Family Aid, for example).
                There has been an awful lot of "transforming" going on in the Obama Years. None of it beneficial.


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