Thursday, January 7, 2016

Of Women And Men, Objectively Speaking

                 Both men and women treat women as sex objects as is proven by women’s actions in posing for nude pictures, calendars, etc., and in walking down runways scantily attired for fashion shows…and in men’s unending desire to look at and watch them. Women now treat men as sex objects, a fact obvious in our culture. Also, judging by the stupefying success of books and movies such as “Fifty Shades of Grey,” women desperately want to be thought of and treated as sex objects. From a biological standpoint this not only makes sense, but is basically the whole point, at least as far as silly little matters like the survival of the species is concerned.
                What is odd is that gay men treat men as sex objects and lesbians treat each other as sex objects, yet those officially sanctioned groups typically march in lockstep with the progressive movement in general, which vilifies and decries the objectification of women, while at the same time giving a pass to the Muslim religion that effectively treats women as chattel.
                Despite what some feminists would have us believe, men and women are different. That’s a simple, scientific fact, unlike global warming. If they weren’t, there would be neither men nor women, or any human beings of any race, creed or religion, peaceful or not.  Amoebas and mollusks did not require an Adam or Eve. People who attempt to refute that are the real “Deniers” and are truly anti-science. It is more than ironic, in this era of celebrating diversity and tolerating all things, that the existence of two distinct sexes is diminished, denigrated and even denied. It should be celebrated, revered and reveled in, appreciated by both sexes as the divine gift that it is. When a one-celled organism just splits into two (it’s not half the cell it used to be?) it derives no pleasure from the occurrence. When a man and a woman become one through commitment and love, they share fulfillment, a moment of bliss, and the ability to produce not another one-celled organism, but a unique child, yet one in God’s image.It isn’t one entity simply splitting into two halves, it is two halves becoming one and producing another. The difference to some may seem subtle or even specious, but it is deeply profound.
                This angry obsession with “objectification” is bizarre in itself.
                Here is the definition of an object according to Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary: 1. Anything that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form. 2. A thing, person, or matter to which thought or action is directed.
                Perhaps as in, “I see your outer beauty, but adore your inner beauty, my love.”
                It isn’t objectification women should abhor. It is abuse, neglect, disdain and nullification.

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