Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Zimbabwe Charges Landowner

                Zimbabwe has formally charged a man on whose land Cecil the lion was shot. The man, whose property abuts the sprawling Hwange National Park, has been accused by prosecutors of allowing an illegal hunt on his land. The gentleman in question allegedly allowed Walter Palmer to shoot the lion with a bow and arrow even though Palmer didn’t have a permit for a lion hunt on his farm, which is separated from the park by railroad tracks. The charge carries a one-year jail term or a $400 fine.

                The name of the accused? Honest Trymore Ndlovu.

                That should have made the front page of every newspaper.
                (We can only hope for a trial: “Do you swear to tell the truth…?”
                “I am Honest, Ndlovu! Of course I do!”

                “A simple ‘I do’ would’ve sufficed).”

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