Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Anti-Definition League

“Labeling” anything, for any reason, is now considered so confining, parochial and nonsensical that Target has removed gender specific signage from their toy aisles, stating that it “no longer serves our customers in these rapidly changing times.” According to a spokesperson, many parents have recently expressed their outrage at the company’s attempt to indicate that some products might be more likely to be used or appreciated by one sex over the other. This egregious example of stereotyping obviously mocks the desire for progressive enlightenment that all good people share.  Yes, the adjectives “masculine” and “feminine” are outmoded and constricting.
I would ask, why stop there? Why do we allow use of the terms “north” and “south,” for example? Is that not limiting, confining and ultimately confusing? What about places that may be both north and south, let alone east and west, or some combination of these? Or none of them. I mean, we’ve effectively eliminated the concepts of “good” and “bad.” And black and white.  The idea of distinct, finite and separate genders has been thoroughly debunked, as well. So…pink and blue? Really?  What about ultramarine, lilac or cerulean?! What if these esoteric yet disparate constructs don’t even exist? And do we discriminate against those who profess to be or recognize no color? What if there is a color concept as yet unimagined and we’ve been blithely attempting to identify, categorize and define all hues, shades and tones anyway? Perhaps this whole endeavor has been offensive, confining and hurtful?

The defining attribute of modern, politically-correct liberals is their insistence that there is no such thing as definition.
 That means there is no given meaning or significance to anything.

By definition.
Look it up. But I guess we don’t need dictionaries anymore.


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