Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gay Youths More Likely Than Straight Peers To Get Pregnant!

               “More gay teens are getting pregnant” read the headline on the front page of the August 6th edition of the StarTribune newspaper.
                No they are not.
                I didn’t analyze the data, nor did I interview pregnant youths as researchers for the Rainbow Health Initiative did. Yet, I can still state with certainty that gay teens are not getting pregnant. Period. By definition. (Unless there are young lesbians keen to be artificially inseminated).
                The article the headline was touting opened, “At a time when teen pregnancy rates across the state are at historic lows, the numbers for gay teens are surprisingly high.” Surprisingly! It further stated, “In Minnesota, these young people are far more likely than their straight peers to become pregnant or have gotten someone pregnant, according to a recent analysis of data on adolescent sexual health.” (Italics mine). Hmm.
                I realize there have been remarkable advances in science and technology lately, but to the best of my knowledge males are still incapable of becoming pregnant and females can’t naturally impregnate other females. Therefore, I knew, the culprit-as usual- had to be the politically-correct parsing of words. I turned to page eight and read on, as eventually some honesty leached into the story.
                The findings lumped bisexual, transgender, questioning and “gender-fluid” kids in with gays and lesbians and simply, lazily used the term “gay” to label them all. Turns out, among the “revelatory” findings, bisexual females (the promiscuous) were five times more likely to have been pregnant than straight females. Knock me over with a feather.
                Also, the students broadly painted with the big, “gay” brush were twice as sexually active as their straight peers. Still, some analysts were purportedly shocked by the extent of this group’s risk-taking behavior. Really?
                Incredibly, some pointed to a general lack of sexual health education for LGBTQ youth as a factor. The massive onslaught of sex education in general and recognition and promotion of alternative lifestyles is literally impossible to avoid. There are clubs, support groups, hotlines, websites, etc., specifically for LGBTQ youth, in addition to free birth control accoutrements in almost every high school and community in the nation.
                Later on we learn that, “The use of alcohol or drugs during sex was more common among LGBTQ youths,” at least according to a Teenwise Minnesota report. Another shocker. “This may be a contributing factor to higher rates of pregnancy among LGBQ youth,” the report’s authors wrote. You guys are on a roll! Teenwise is obviously staffed by budding sleuths that would make Sherlock Holmes look like Inspector Clouseau! Alcohol and drug use contributes to higher pregnancy rates for all humans. Possibly robins, lemurs and wombats, too, for all we know.
                One girl spoke of being high while having sex with men. “I was with this, like, drug dealer guy when I shot up meth, so me, like, sleeping with men actually ties in with my drug addiction,” she said in the report. “Because, like, whenever I get high or need drugs, because my addiction was really bad, I would sleep with guys. Which is really bad. It was just gross and disgusting.”
                So, like, she used her body to ply drugs out of these men, and didn’t call her whorish behavior or drug use disgusting? I’m sure she feels like a victim. She did smear heterosexuals and the act that made her as “gross and disgusting.” If an allegedly “homophobic” (rather than “heterophobic”) person had made those remarks to describe gay sex, they would be charged with “hate speech.” Or worse.
                “Unintended pregnancy is huge in the LGBT youth world,” averred the director of clinical programs for a local community sexual health clinic. No, it’s not. It is, apparently, in the BT community. It is impossible in the LG community, or else they have been miscategorized.
                The clinic’s director also was quoted as saying, “sexual identity is complex and more fluid than most people realize.”
                Just like the left’s view of the Constitution.

                Or truth.


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