Monday, August 24, 2015

Humans "Should" Be Able To Marry Robots- Part II

                 I can see a man married to a woman robot liking the fact that “she” theoretically would never tire (mentally or physically) of cleaning, cooking, sewing, washing clothes, etc., etc. Properly programmed, she would never bitch about anything at all. Moreover, she would never tire of sex and could be programmed to enjoy every minute of it in shrieking, writhing rapture.
                Women would be able to program their “manbot” to ask them about their day at dinner, and hang on every word of their response. In addition, their robot-betrothed would commiserate with them about that mean co-worker and offer them a shoulder to cry on…indefinitely. They wouldn’t try to actually solve any problem, just offer to feel bad with them. And, of course, their artificially-intelligent significant other would be able to last longer than an average Beattle’s song, unlike their human male counterparts. Forget washboard abs or buns of steel, he’d be made of steel. “Baby, you were a love machine last night” would be a simple statement of fact.
                They would be incapable of organically impregnating their “wives,” yet could be programmed to perform abortion on demand, making them a progressive’s (wet) dream! Liberals would be scrambling to put together legislation granting thousands of dollars in annual tax credits to everyone in robot-human “marriages,” quickly thereafter amending that to robot-human “relationships,” in order to be more inclusive.

                Artificial, sterile, robotic, stiff, inhuman, cold, inorganic, irreligious, uncreative and calculated are all terms that may no longer appear to apply to these machines/robots of the future.

                Ironically, they will then apply to us.

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