Tuesday, August 25, 2015

North Korea Targets Loudspeakers

In 2010, a North Korean submarine “allegedly” fired a torpedo that sunk a South Korean navy ship, killing 46 sailors.  This past August 4th, two South Korean border guards were maimed by land mines “allegedly” planted by North Korea. How did South Korea respond? They allegedly reactivated 11 “batteries” of “propaganda” loudspeakers on their side of the border between the two countries.
Those bastards! North Korea calls the broadcasts that emanate from the speakers, which include criticism of its political system and its leader, Kim Jong-Un, an “act of war.” The North Korean government also called the release of the film, “The Interview,” an “act of war.” Yes, the Hermit Kingdom’s rulers view movies and words that have the audacity to mock them or disagree with them worthy of a military response. Much like the Global Warming Junta sees anyone with the temerity to question their quasi-religious beliefs.

North Korea has issued a deadline to South Korea, stating that if the speakers aren’t removed by 5 pm Saturday, they will be ready to launch “strong military action,” including attacks on the loudspeakers. Attacks on loudspeakers??! That is not a sane impulse, unless one is at a Barbara Streisand concert.

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