Monday, August 10, 2015

Grin And Bear It?

                 Lance Crosby, a 63 year old hiker and (ironically) a seasonal urgent care employee of Medcor, was killed in a suspected grizzly bear attack in Yellowstone National Park late this past week. His body was found partially consumed.
                The bear, if located, is not scheduled to be put down. No world-wide outrage has been detected, nor has any social-media firestorm broken out. The bear’s den has not been vandalized as of this writing. No one has yet called Mr. Crosby “beloved,” or “iconic.” It is not believed the bear had the proper license to take Mr. Crosby, and, in fact, the bear has poached other animals in the recent past. No entity is calling for the bear to be extradited. It is not known if the grizzly attempted to lure Mr. Crosby out of the park.
According to authorities, bear attacks in the park are extremely rare. Experts are blaming the attack on a severe toothache that was afflicting the big bruin. One such expert lamented, “Mr. Crosby didn’t need to die. All that bear needed was a good dentist.”


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