Thursday, August 27, 2015

China, Hillary Clinton, Missing E-mails

                That rascally Chinese government is at it again. First they steal state secrets from us, including massive amounts of material pertaining to our military technology. They engage in continual high-level industrial espionage. They’ve pirated movies, music and entertainment. They have deliberately antagonized their neighbors and turned bellicose against us. They continue to build artificial islands in international waters, knowing this administration won’t hold them accountable. They have aided North Korea in targeted internet attacks against American companies and interests.
                Their garbage rolls across the Pacific towards us by the millions of tons. Recent studies show that they have essentially imported their air pollution to our western states, as well. Despite the fact that the U.S. cut its nitrous oxide emissions by 20% in just 5 years from 2005-2010, there has been no corresponding increase in ozone levels in these states, as scientists say an increase in Chinese air-pollution making it to our shores has offset our domestic reductions.
                Over and above all of this, a recent news story claimed that Chinese officials have been reading e-mails of top Obama administration officials since 2010. There is a potential upside to this, however. The Chinese likely know what’s in all those missing Hillary Clinton e-mails! This could become a truly debilitating downside, however, if Hillary were to continue to be successful in her obfuscation/non-disclosure efforts and actually became the next President of the United States. Incredibly, the Chinese might wield dramatically greater blackmail leverage against Hillary than they did against her husband and his administration.
                Yet, if one of her opponents, or potential opponents, was somehow successful in persuading the Chinese to reveal the contents of these e-mails, or even the fact that they have indeed read them, that could be a “game changer.”

                Or not. I mean, she is a Clinton.

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