Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, Tom Brady...And A Call To Reason

Lois Lerner and her missing, now assuredly self-abused hard-drive, haven’t caused much, if any, real angst among Americans. Targeting  specific groups is “A, OK” with the leftists who control the mainstream media, as is covering that fact up and obstructing justice. As long as those targeted groups are conservative.
                Neither can Americans work up any kind of anger or disgust for Hillary Clinton’s abuse of State Department protocols, or her numerous “missing” e-mails,  connected as they may or may not be to the Clinton Foundation’s receiving millions of dollars from foreign countries.

                Those issues only involve the integrity of the Republic’s elected officials and our national security.

                Tom Brady throwing away his cell-phone, however? Well, by God, that’s beyond the pale! A person’s sense of ethics can only take so much abuse! And, if he is trying to cover up potential knowledge of some footballs being under-inflated by a couple of pounds-per-square-inch, well, that would be too heinous to contemplate!
                There are those who honestly would be happier if Walter Palmer, D.D.S., had shot Tom Brady the Patriot instead of Cecil the lion.


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