Thursday, August 13, 2015

More State Democratic Parties Erasing Ties To Jefferson, Jackson

                The Democratic Party doesn’t value history. It values political-correctness above all things. In my July 30th post, “The United States Declares Its Independence From Thomas Jefferson- Part II,” I reported that the Connecticut state Democratic Party had taken (Thomas) Jefferson’s and (Andrew) Jackson’s names off of their annual fundraising dinner. I suggested that this was just the start of a swelling anti-Jefferson, anti-Founder movement.
                (Democratic Party dinners all around the country have been called Jefferson-Jackson dinners in honor of the party’s alleged founders so often and for so long that they literally got to be known as “JJ’s,” among the faithful).
                Already, Georgia, Missouri and Iowa have followed Connecticut’s lead and have made Jefferson and Jackson personas-non-grata at their party’s biggest functions. Five other states are currently considering banning the Sage of Monticello and Old Hickory from their big dinners, as well. More are sure to follow.
                Party heads say that, “The two men no longer represent what it means to be a Democrat.” While that statement is sadly true, it doesn’t get to the crux of the matter. The Democratic Party no longer represents the Founder’s genius, creativity, courage and grace. Moreover, it completely ignores- or openly mocks- natural law, the foundation and sole basis of true freedom and the idea that “all men are created equal.” Natural law is the solitary guardian of the individual and his or her rights to life, liberty, property (and the pursuit of happiness), the principle that made America unique among all nations in history.
 Most of the early American settlers came to this country to escape tyrannical government. Natural law protects the people from tyrannical government, precisely the reason today’s Democratic Party despises the concept.
And what it has historically meant to be an American. (Hence, “fundamental change”).
                What the party does now stand for, according to Iowa Democratic Chairwoman Andy McGuire, is “inclusiveness, diversity and equality.”
                This is, like almost everything else coming out of Democrats mouths these days, demonstrably not the case. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. The party is certainly not inclusive as regards our Founders or of Caucasian men, for example. It clearly does not tolerate diversity of thought, belief or opinion, especially as regards abortion or global warming. And equality? I guess Black Lives Matter, but baby’s lives don’t.
                Think I’m exaggerating? Of course, all lives matter, black lives equally with whites, the young, old, men, women, etc., etc. But a couple high-profile members of the Democratic Party said just that recently, speaking at different venues. They were booed, jeered and mocked by their supporters.
                They apologized for offending many in their audiences (by having the temerity to utter, “all lives matter”).
                It’s no wonder the Democrat’s have only one party-approved candidate for the 2016 presidential election. It’s no wonder they don’t like debates. They don’t exactly encourage free-flowing exchanges of views, they stifle them. 

                Like Stalinists in the past, they no longer believe there is anything to debate.

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